Blake Podnar

UX/UI Web Designer+
Front-End Developer

Denver, CO

Blake Podnar


Providing Positive User Experiences

I create what web interfaces look like, feel like, and ultimately the way the user interacts with them. I enjoy thinking through complex problems to create the best solution for the client while striving to design clean and easy-to-use interfaces that lead to optimal engagement.

Your tech presence needs to highlight the best features about your brand.


Design / Dev

  • PHP
  • jQuery
  • Wordpress
  • Shopify

Graphic Design

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Experience Design
  • Premiere Pro

User Experience

  • Flow Charts
  • Wireframes
  • Mockups
  • Storyboards
  • User Testing

Social Media

  • Hootsuite
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

"To complicate is easy, to simplify is hard. To complicate, just add, everyone is able to complicate. Few are able to simplify."

— Bruno Munari


Responsible for UX/UI Web Design + Front-End Development

m2 marketing provides the back-end development for sites marked with m2



Ciena Healthcare Old Website
Ciena Healthcare New Website
m2 Medical Ciena Healthcare


In all my years, I've never seen a client moved to tears about the design of a website - until today!

I'm really enjoying working with Blake! He’s so awesome! All of the new websites we are working on are looking fantastic.

I enjoyed collaborating on this project with Blake because of his outstanding insight and responsiveness to all of our requests.

I showed the website to the team and everyone is just blown away. I had a pretty clear vision in my head of how I wanted this to look, but your version takes what I wanted and built it into something beyond. It is so good!

The Little Hercules Foundation team has done a really tremendous job with this new website. Well done, and congratulations!

I just wanted to say thanks so much – this is going so much more smoothly than I thought! Nice work on the design and getting on our team on board.

Extremely helpful, always available, great designs. Whatever I see in my dreams, Blake makes a reality.

Blake helped when I was away with design tasks. I came back to very few projects because of his hard work. He is awesome!

You've been great to work with - and very patient!

Blake helped during the Memorial Tournament Assets project in multiple ways, ensuring that that project went smoothly.

Blake is always willing to help me out. He has saved me a lot of time with his HTML knowledge and design expertise.

This has been a very coordinated and efficient process - probably one of the better web site redesign projects I’ve ever been on!

Your attention to detail is truly appreciated and makes me a better developer - even when I'm stubborn and acting like a boomer.